Food and Wine

Organic food and wine at Mirabelle Restaurant

Here you will find our menu of organic food and wine. At Mirabelle Restaurant you are welcome for lunch and dinner. The atmosphere is intimate and relaxed in our small restaurant and you are seated close to each other with a live view into our bakery, where all of our bread, pastry, and fresh pasta is made during the day.

We serve a focused, organic assortment of food and drinks and you can always choose from the card or order a full menu.

All menus are served as small dishes, to be shared between all at the table, and arrive as soon as the kitchen has them ready.

We source our produce from small, local, organic and sustainable producers, who all share our philosophy and passion for good taste and uncompromising quality. Our vegetables are primarily from Farm of Ideas – our own organic farm only 50 km from the bakery. Every day our chefs harvest fresh vegetables and unique herbs, for the Relæ Community – hand-grown, harvested and served for you daily! All of our fresh fish and seafood comes from Fiskerikajen – a fishmonger who only catches and handles fish and seafood from sustainable and gentle coastal fishing.

We source and produce with great thought and explicit values – without being dogmatic.

Please be aware that the menu is subject to changes.